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Minikin Bead Hair Extensions  

Minikin bead hair extension method has been created by Ash Celine the founder of hair extension bar to create the most natural, undetectable and comfortable hair extension system for his clients and it’s one of the best types of hair extensions for thin hair . This method is designed for all clients with fine hair as they are very light and seamless. Clients with medium to coarse hair can also easily have benefit of using it. 

Best Quality Hair Extensions 

After travelling to various countries looking for the best quality hair extensions he finally found the right hair type for his method.

His unique technique is completely different to anyone in the industry and attracts clients from all over Australia for his work.

Non damaging hair extension technique Minikin beads are the smallest beaded hair extensions in the world simply get attached to the hair by clamping the beads. They are very Light and secured in the hair.  95% smaller than Micro beads  

We have both Remy Hair extensions and Virgin Russian Hair extensions for these method.

Minikin Beads hair extensions are smaller than nano beads extensions 

All Lengths are available 20″ inch length hair extensions , 22″ inch length hair extensions , 24″ inch length hair extensions, 26″ inch length hair extensions

The hair is reusable which means you can keep using the same hair for a period of time depending on which type of hair you would purchase with this method. 

After care

Caring for your Minikin bead Hair Extensions is very easy and takes minimal effort. After your hair extension application, clients will be educated on how to look after their brand new gorgeous locks, and how to make them last as long as they possibly can.
To help keep your hair extensions as luscious as possible Hair Extension Bar has created a range of products to nourish and maintain your hair extensions, including:
. Extension Shampoo
. Extension conditioner
. Repair Mask Treatment 
. Argon oil serum
. Leave in treatment spray
. Heat protector
. Volume powder
. Hair extension brush

Recommendation hair extension retightening time is 6-8weeks depending on the client’s natural hair growth. 

Simply removing the extensions and reapplying them to stay perfect.

This Unique technique is exclusive to Hair extension bar Double Bay Sydney 

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Ash Celine

Full head of Minikin Bead Hair Extensions using Virgin Russian Hair to add length and thickness for this beauty
Double Bay
Transformed this beauty @jessiereneewynter @loveislandau ————————————
Method: Minikin bead
Hair: Virgin Russian
Length : 22”
Colour : Ombré 5/10+22
Thickness: 120grams
Introducing- Our princess
Florence Lily 💕
Born – Saturday 2nd November
Double Bay
What short hair!!!! Natural long locks ————————————————————————
Method : Minikin bead
Hair : Virgin Russian
Length : 20”
Thickness: Head and Half
Colour : #2
Beauty and the Blend 💫
Method: Minikin bead
Amount: Full Head 100 pieces
Hair : Virgin Russian
Length : 22 inches
Colour : Ombré 5/10 & 5/22

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