Your Wedding Day and Hair Extensions; the Longer the Better!

This is it! Today is the day. You wake up to the sound of your bridesmaids laughing outside the door of your room.

You’re so excited that you can’t even stomach breakfast. This is going to be the best, most wonderfully exciting day of your life!

You had your nails done yesterday; a sweet French manicure. The makeup artist will be here in an hour.

At the moment though, you’re sitting on a stool, looking up at your hair stylist and thanking her from the bottom of your heart for suggesting that you use hair extensions.

You’d never had the thickest or the longest hair but today…today is different. You look angelic. Your blonde wavy locks trail over your shoulders and down your back and you feel phenomenal.

Your maid of honour hands you a glass of champagne and asks “Are you ready?”

You smile confidently, nod and reply, “Let’s do this.”

Now that we’re all in the mood for wedding talk, here are a few reasons we think you should take the plunge and add hair extensions to your wedding “to do” list.


On your wedding day your nerves are likely going to be all aflutter. Sure, having a glass of bubbly can help but the best way to calm those pre-wedding jitters is to ensure you are happy with the way that
you look. If your hair isn’t exactly how you envisioned it or if it looks flat and lifeless, you may not feel like the beautiful bride that you most definitely are.

Hair extensions will provide volume, make your natural colour pop and can actually help to hide split ends which will make your hair look much healthier than it may actually be.


A lot of brides tend to choose up-dos as their “go to” hair style for their wedding day. They like the convenience of having it up and out of the way, but still want it looking amazing for the wedding snaps.

If your natural hair is short but you want a glamorous bun, extensions are a must.

Even ladies with longer hair can benefit from extensions, mostly to give their hair some lift and volume but also because extensions tend to hold curls much better than natural hair.


Hair extensions don’t just have to be a one day thing. You can keep them in for as long as you like
without them damaging your natural hair. Of course, if you wish to take them out the next day, that’s fine too. Why not keep them around for your honeymoon though. Sip your celebratory cocktails at that tropical resort with a beautiful, voluminous head of hair!

Ok, now it’s time for us to share some advice. The most popular hair extensions used for bridal occasions are Minikin bead hair extensions. They blend so naturally with the hair that they are invisible to the eye when attached correctly. This allows you to choose from multiple bridal styles
without having to worry about visible clips or tape.

In case you’re wondering, the best quality hair extensions in the world are Virgin Russian Hair

Extensions. They are silky soft, indistinguishable from the hair they are being attached to and provide an absolutely luxurious finishing look. They’re amazing and are definitely worth investing in.

You can also choose from tape hair extensions or clip in hair extensions which will still provide the fantastic results you’re looking for; they will just have to be placed strategically to avoid the clips or tape becoming visible throughout your wedding. That’s what we’re here for though. We love a
challenge and will make sure you don’t have any hair related mishaps!

When planning your wedding, the best thing for you to do will be to book in a consultation with our bridal extension expert (yes, we have one of those!) who will help you to choose the best hair extension method for you.

When done well, hair extensions are an absolute must for your wedding day! We hope you can see now that it’s easy to have that long, beautiful, healthy hair that seems to grow exclusively on Instagram models, celebrities and Disney princesses. This is because 9 times out of 10, it’s not their natural hair.

Our guess is that even Cinderella asked her Fairy Godmother to add some flair to her hair for her big night at the ball. That up-do would not have been possible without some length to work with.

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